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This website is 100% FREE to use with no obligation

the below questions and answers may help you understand our services better Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost any money to use this moving website? No. Our service is 100% free. 


What happens if I am not happy with any of the mover quotes? Our website is also 100% obligation-free. You are not committed in any way to any furniture removalist until you confirm the booking with the removalist you select. 


How long will it take before I start to receive removalists quotes? The quotes start rolling in usually within an hour. 


Are all of your removalists insured? Yes. All of our removalists are insured and have been screened and background checked before joining our company. 


What areas do you service? We are currently only servicing the Melbourne area but we intend on moving interstate shortly. 


What if I have a problem with my removalist? We suggest speaking with the management of the company you selected to try and resolve the issue. We also appreciate it if you could report any issues to us to help us improve our service. 


Why should I use your moving website? Because we will save you time and money by connecting you with the best and most affordable removalists in your area. 


How many removalist quotes will I receive? You will receive a maximum of 7 quotes. 


Can I leave for feedback for a removalist? Yes. Please email us any feedback that you may have as we greatly appreciate it. 


Who guarantees the work? Any work to be done between you and the removalist will be guaranteed by the business provider under their own separate Terms & Conditions.


Do you have a Privacy Policy to review? Yes. Please click HERE to read our privacy policy 


Do you have a Terms of Use to review? Yes. Please click HERE to read our terms of use.